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5 Face Shields You Can Buy Online Right Now

Nov. 30, 2020

There is no doubt that masks help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, much less the flu, colds, various adenoviruses, etc. But what about the plastic face shield? Are they also effective in preventing airborne viruses from contracting and spreading like those that cause COVID-19?


Although there is currently insufficient evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of a face shield to protect only against respiratory droplets, face shields can provide an additional barrier to limit the likelihood of the coronavirus spreading through an infected person by blocking the aerosols generated. during a sneeze, cough, or deep exhalation. However, due to the gaps on the sides and bottom of a plastic face shield, the protection you get from a face shield alone is not as good as a cloth mask over your nose and mouth.


While face protection is not as effective as face masks, it provides another layer of protection that greatly increases your safety and reduces the risk of infecting others. Although masks only cover the respiratory tract, they are not the only potential intruders of a virus.


While face masks are the most important right now, consider adding one of the following face shields to your personal protective gear, when you are outdoors and away, or when you need an extra layer. of protection. After each use, clean your face shield with an antibacterial solution or isopropyl alcohol.


HD transparent high coverage
HD transparent high coverage glasses is an innovative face shield that has an HD optical view to ensure a clear sight while protecting your eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. It is made of high-quality material making it sturdy and durable. It has a high-density polythylene casing that prevents your entire face from Dust, Pollen, Sand, Wind, or Small Particles. 


It is a glasses type making it stylish, convenient and comfortable to wear both for indoor and outdoor. HD transparent high coverage glasses is coated with fog and scratch resistant coating that effectively lessen fogging and minor scratches. It is ideal for all ages from kids to elderly. It is safe and suitable even with eyeglasses on. The glasses is easy to clean as it can be wiped, washed and disinfected. It is reusable and guaranteed to provide protection for a long time. 


WET Design Reusable Face Mask
Originally designed for the frontline workforce, this mask is now available to the general public and is a great option for those who want maximum coverage. The coat is long and wide and sticks out well under most people's chin and well past the cheeks. The Lexan plastic shield also extends about an inch above the headband, providing a bit more protection against airborne particles or aerosols. The material is also a UV protector, so your skin is more immune to ultraviolet light damage.


Dynatomy Full Coverage Face Shield
These disposable face shields are made entirely in the USA and are long and wide enough to adequately cover the face down to the cleavage. They are also designed with a large forehead pad that keeps the shield 1.5 inches from your face so you can comfortably wear glasses.


WeFidget Reusable Full Face Shield
Unlike many face shields today, WeFidget's are designed to be reused. They are wrapped in a protective film which, when removed, displays a crisp, crisp screen. They can be easily cleaned and the padding in the forehead area is made from thick closed-cell neoprene rubber instead of the foam found in disposable panels, so sweat doesn't seep into the padding and cause odors or even bacteria.


Bjorn Swensen Protective Face Shield
When you order this German made face shield, you receive three disposable clear plastic shields and a reusable headband, which is remarkable for two reasons. First of all, the size of the headband can be adjusted to fit heads of different circumferences without relying on a rubber band, so that there is no pressure on the forehead and temples throughout the day. Second, the shield can be removed from the face without removing the headband. This makes it easy to adjust the goggles, put on or take off the mask, or do whatever is necessary at a time when you can safely lift the screen.


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